Rules and Regulations.

For this campaign, I have chosen to go with a much higher powered route than most campaigns. We will be using Pathfinder as a base system. 3.5 and Homebrew Material can be used subject to my discretion.

Using the pathfinder system, Attributes will be determined by a 40 point buy,With the provision that you can use 2 points to purchase a bonus feat for which you qualify during character creation, up to a maximum of three feats.

The campaign will be Gestalt, and i highly recommend, you invest into multiple talents, as not all encounters can be approached in the same way.

Starting wealth will be, wealth by level as on the PFSRD, plus one additional heirloom item not exceeding in price of 5000 GP. This heirloom item may not be Traded or sold for any monetary gain.

I do this, because i am balancing the game so that in straight combat, the party would be at a disadvantage.

Rules and Regulations.

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